##LIYLA she/her 8teen 08.26 black+lao bisexual

cnovels, gacha games, drawing, plushies, boba, webcomics, coconut, rain, iced coffee

bugs, gore, spiders, horror, lgbtphobes, ignorant ppl, chem


+ rt/spam heavy tbh
+ sometimes nsfw-ish
+ pls sb to break mutual
+ i like interacting w ppl on the tl
+ sorry for being an enstarry i didn't mean to

fit basic dni criteria + (racist, ableist, etc)
under 14 (current mutuals OK) +
sexualize minors +
potn apologist +
fetishize lgbt +
believe that all/blue +
lives matter


pick a member!

mdzswei wuxian lan sizhui xiao xingchen
tgcfhualian fengqing shi qingxuan
enstarssouma nazuna rei rinne 2wink
obey memammon solomon simeon
narutonaruto neji
mysmeszen saeran
devil no 4hanna joonwon peace
fairy tailnatsu zeref
afterlifenine verine sian theo licht ghilley
monthly girlskashima
bnhabakugo nejire tamaki aizawa
saiki ksaiki mikoto
twstruggie ace epel idia
dfelharry eugene
helios gray ren leo billy
genshinbennett albedo venti kaeya lisa zhongli razor xingqiu xiao

underlined = comfort character :>


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